Don't you hate it when you're going to meet up with your girlfriend, and everything is fine and good but she's been captured by flesh eating zombies? Not to mention your ghostly ancient great grandpa Endo from Japan shows up. He's telling you it's all your fault and now you have to save your girlfriend, Amber, as well as the entire world. You know, that old thing.

Meet Mark, our teenage hero who gets unexpected help from his ghostly gramps, the only person who has some insight on what's happened. Mark has unleashed Onryo, a witch from ancient Japan who is the sworn nemesis of grandpa Endo.

How do you stand a chance against a growing horde of zombies and the evil Onryo looming in the shadows of your darkest fears? Do you go back to your room and hide? Or use your training and roots... of a ninja!!!

You'll be armed with ninja stars and a ghost blade; perfect for chopping and slicing zombies into meat salads. You'll also have magic ninja spells that can summon a group of ancient Japanese ghosts and demons that will kick butt alongside you. Not to mention collecting magic cash that you can use to upgrade your abilities and magic powers.

Ghost Ninja: Zombie Beatdown has various unique modes of gameplay, vivid level art, and three very distinct difficulty modes with tons of unlockables that'll keep you playing for hours and hours. Oh and did I mention an intense story packed with drama, voice acting, dripping sarcasm and humor right 'til the shocking end with 2 possible endings.


* Side and vertical scrolling, zombie slashing, action adventure gameplay with RPG elements.
* 3 difficulty modes: Normal, Hard and Beatdown.
* Sword combo attacks
* Throw ninja stars in any direction with a swipe of a finger.
* 6 Magic ninja spells to summon ancient Japanese ghosts and demons (for special attacks or defense).
* Lots of zombie type enemies.
* Stunning graphics and animations.
* Awesomerrific original music tracks and sound effects.
* Fabtabulous voice acting with cut scenes.
* Tons of unlockable Achievements, Items and Voice Acting Bloopers.
* Graphical Help Menu.
* Story intro video.
* Intuitive virtual joystick with touch screen controls.
* Pick up items on levels.
* Level bosses.
* 2 different endings
* More to discover at your fingertips...

Amber is counting on you to rescue her. Grandpa Endo has put all his faith in you to end the chaos and rid the evil witch Onryo, once and for all. Its time to take out some zombies ...Ninja style!!

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