On the left, is the sellsheet I designed that ultimately became the working game concept. The title was originally STREET NINJA: URBAN LEGENDS. Having been inspired by 'free running' and 'parkour', I imagined the hero free running and exploring various Urban Legend sites. Equipped with ninja weapons, the user has to battle past ghosts and evil creatures to discover if these Urban Legends are real or fake.

Eerie Parking Lot is Level 1 of GHOST NINJA: ZOMBIE BEATDOWN. The car on the bottom left of the sellsheet was intended to be a mini boss.

Cursed Cemetery could possibly be a future level.

Spooky Subway Tunnel is a level where the hero is on top of a running subway train holding on by his grapple hook while slashing enemies. The mini boss is a Hellhound, which became Rocky, the Foaming Rott(as illustrated on the bottom right of the sellsheet).

Ghost Ninja: Zombie Beatdown is developed in collaboration with Sebastian Santacroce, lead programmer and game designer of Gabagoolgames Inc. Check out their website: http://www.gabagoolgames.com/

                 ALL CHARACTER DESIGNS by Marten Go

On the right, the character Mark Tower was inspired by a dancer on the popular television show: So You Think You Can Dance, Season 4. His name is Mark Kanemura and his dancing style was unique and quirky. Call me a gleek, but after he and his dance partner were eliminated, the disappointment I felt led me to create this character.

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