Since the layout for the Main Menu was originally designed for mobile devices only, it needed resizing and more art to fit the iPhone and iPod screens. It was during mid production that the idea to develop for Apple devices instead came to fruition. And based on their higher capacity and performance, it really was a no brainer.

                                                                                          EXTRA SPRITES

Some sprites that didn't make it into the game:
The sewer - was to be placed right before the rusty nailed boards on Lev 1.

The burning barrel - was to be placed throughout Levels 1 and 6 as an obstacle.

Spewing acid puddle - was a last minute decision to leave as a bubbling puddle.

The snack bar - used in Mark's cutscene on Lev 1, was intended to be the site of the first mini boss. The doors fling open, burning barrels come uh... barreling out as obstacles, and then a mini boss battle. Also, items to pick up on the rooftop.

Entrance sign - was to be placed before the Drive-in sign and Moviela on Lev 1.

Snack Bar
Burning Barrel
Puddle of Acid
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