Written by Marten Go

Meet Mark, a teenager in junior high who is popular with the girls, but an absolute nuisance for his teachers. Having the attention span of a fly tends to land Mark in big heaping piles of shiznits! Big deal to him though, without some excitement in his life he'd be bored to death. Who'd want that?

So one missed class becomes two, and then three, very soon Mark wonders to quit school altogether. Luckily, his girlfriend Amber, and his dad haven't given up on him. But Mark's father would blow his lid when a call came from the principal's office grumbling about his son's bad attitude and attendance. To make matters worse, he had to go in for a face to face meeting with the principal, and each of the teachers that Mark had terrorized. You can imagine how humiliated Mark's father must have felt. On top of that, taking time off work which was hard to come by as a carpenter, is like rubbing salt into his wounds with sandpaper. To say Mark is going to get a 'serious ass whooping' would be an understatement.

Mark got off easy though: Cleaning the attic and garage was all he got ̶ pretty light for missing a week of school wouldn't you say? But, boy was Mark furious. He had a date with Amber to go to the Drive-in. He couldn't cancel, not after ditching her the week before to go paint-balling with friends. Naturally, Mark's begging and pleas to his father would fall on deaf ears. "If you're man enough to break rules, then you're man enough to face consequences," said his father, leaving little room for Mark to wiggle.

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