Then, as luck would have it, the book also freed Endo, who will come to Mark's aid when things get ugly. And boy, does it ever. The evil curse Onryo unleashes, turns every living thing it consumed into her zombie slave. She believes, Endo's soul would soon be hers to devour. So, by the time Mark gets to the old Drive-in to meet Amber, ditching punishment, the curse had spread throughout town. Amber is no where in sight. That's when Endo showed up. He briefed Mark on what was happening and gave him some items to help fend off the zombie army. First, a mask to prevent breathing the cursed air. Second, a ghost blade which Endo used back in his day, to hack apart evil spirits. Third, spiritual shurikens which are better known as ninja stars, and lastly, a little pouch containing black magic to fight fire with fire against Onryo's black magic. So what's the beef between Endo and Onryo anyway? Here's some historical insight:

In 16th century Japan, Endo was a legendary ghost hunter, who for years, have been coveted by the Celestial Council. Endo's supernatural powers and ninja warrior skills were second to none, and refusal to join the Council was unacceptable. Why? Because they secretly feared him. You see, they too, were ghosts, and rarely do ghosts trust humans. But, things would quickly change when a great evil force threatened Japan. Endo had little choice but to join the Council. A legion of spirits were assembled to aid Endo in capturing Terasawa, a very powerful, sorcerer of black magic. And after many epic battles, Endo finally defeated the unrelenting, Terasawa. Failing to bring Terasawa back to the Celestial Council, to be judged was Endo's single greatest regret. Years later, after Terasawa’s death, his love-stricken wife emerged as an almighty sorceress, calling herself, Onryo. She vowed eternal revenge on the Celestial Council, the world, and most importantly, Endo.

During the final moments of the legendary Great Battle between Endo and Onryo, Endo mustered all his energy and summoned a spell, trapping Onryo and himself, forever in the Book of the Dead ̶ a prison for evil, wicked spirits.

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