Grudgingly, Mark went up to the dusty attic and started cleaning. Wall to wall, the boxes of junk from his father's old ninjitsu school to their first house, littered the attic floor. There was absolutely no way Mark could finish cleaning the attic in time to meet Amber, let alone the garage. Then out of the corner of his eye, Mark saw the forbidden book ̶ the book his father told him never to touch. What is it doing in the attic? Mark wondered. Still hotheaded, Mark snatched the book out of the box and noticed faint, Japanese characters scratched into the cover. "Book of the Dead?" said Mark, shuddering, his Japanese sounding rough around the edges. Hesitating to open the forbidden book, Mark cracks it open anyway. A plume of dust escapes. Page after page, horrible drawings of ghosts and demons jump out at Mark. Each, with a name and history written below it, in blood, perhaps. Awesome! thought Mark. Why did Dad keep this book a secret from me all these years?

Moments later, Mark came upon two pages stuck together. He peeled them apart carefully, revealing a crude sketch of a beautiful woman with long hair wearing a kimono. "Onryo, that's an interesting name," said Mark. "Doesn't that mean ghostly, or revenge? Something like that anyway." Directly below the sketch, what appeared finger-painted, is a short passage. Strangely, Mark felt drawn to it, and read it aloud repeatedly until he was certain of the pronunciation. Little did Mark know, the passage is a literal key to an ancient spell imprisoning Onryo in the Book of the Dead. Now, she is free.

Onryo has one objective: destroy her captor ̶ her greatest nemesis: Endo, who she believes is still alive. Who is Endo? Well, it's none other than, Mark's ancient grandfather from Japan. Onryo had no idea that four hundred years had passed, but certainly, she could still smell Endo's blood. Unfortunately for Mark, it's his blood she smells.

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